This is a portfolio of my work, both professional and creative.

44 amazing package designs

It’s unbelievable how package designs can be so various and creative as shown in this showcase. We’ve already shown you several design collections like here and here but it is always nice to find some new great designs.

Good package design have to match the product as well as the targeted customer to achieve his attention. Furthermore it needs to be stackable and easy to carry.
We collected 44 examples you shouldn’t miss. We would totally buy them in the supermarket. Would you do so too?

Einem Chocolate Packaging

© Julia Agisheva

Hathor Creamery

© Michael Vilayvong

Thise Mejeri CI

© Randi Sjælland Jensen


© Happycentro

Fuita Blanch Identity

© Atipus Graphic Design

Balderson Cheese

© Mariangelica Forero

Metrio Coffee Packagin

© Robinsson Cravents

Gloji Super Juice

© Gloji Inc.


© Brand New

Adizero f50

© Everyone Associates

Student Spotlight: Borealis Light Bulbs

© Gabriella Thompson, Josh Parenti, Yuan Chen

Waldo Trommler Paints

© Reynolds and Reyner

Super Skin

© Paul Capili


© Moon Troops – Creative Agency

Greg Straight Portfolio

© Greg Straight

Student Work – Parvaneh Toghiani

© Parvaneh Toghiani

Joe’s Tea Company

© Echo Brand Design

Soyuzsnab Horeca

© Soyuzsnab Horeca

Birdy Juice

© Mats Ottdal

Square Heineken Bottle by Petit Romain

© Petit Romain


© Martín De Pasquale


© not available

Medicom Pharma: Target Heavy Food

© Daniel Schweinzer


© Samy Halim

Raid Insecticides Limited Edition Packaging


Charge Beverage Packaging

© octofinity


© Reynolds and Reyner

Görtz 17 Shoelace Box

© Kempertrautmann

Adding a Little Sizzle to Bloom’s Private Brand of Beef

© Birdsong Gregory Inc.

Scanwood / When wood is good

© Goodmorning Technology

Bees Knees


Hang Me Some Tea

© Radhika Seth

Kirei Towel Packaging Design

© Hannah Jor

SI Exclusive – Noble Studio

© Leigh Hibell

Lovely Package

© stevenlester



Vitaminwater Capsule

© Cindy Ng (Design), JJ (Design, Rendering)

Frutas no formato da caixinha


Soy mamelle


Honey Hunter

© Fresh Chicken Agency

Take away

© Ana Gabriela Castañeda Solano


© Mateusz Chmura


© Planet Creative

Student Work – Pavel Kulinsky

© Pavel Kulinsky

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